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24" Shoe Horn


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Product description


    Great for those with with hip, knee or back pain, the long-handled shoe horn allows anyone to put on any shoe while standing


    Measuring 24” in length, the shoe horn works well for both men and women


    Gently curved to easily slide in any shoe size or style


    Large oval handle provides an easy and secure grip for those with dexterity issues and allows it to be stored on a coat rack or storage hook


    Each edge is gently rounded to prevent snags in sock and hosiery and scuffed shoes


    Built to last, the long shoe horn is constructed with a heavy-duty composite material that will not crack or break


How wide is the edge that you put into the shoe?

The width of the rounded edge is 2” to easily fit in any shoe size or style.

Is this long enough to put on my shoes without bending over?

Yes! At 24” of length, the shoe horn can help you put on your shoes comfortably either standing up or sitting down with little to no movement.

What is it made of?

The shoe horn is made with a thermoplastic polymer that is exceptionally strong, yet flexible.

Can I use it to remove my socks too?

Yes, the shoehorn can be used to slide socks off.

Can I use it while sitting down?

Yes! The long shoe horn can be used while sitting down or standing.

Will work with women’s heels?

Yes! The shoe horn is gently curved to easily slide in any shoe of any size.

Does it work well with boots?

Yes, the shoe horn works well with boots.

How wide is the oval handle?

The oval handle is 4” wide for a comfortable, secure grip.

Does it keep the heel from caving in as I put my shoe on?

Yes! The shoe horn stabilizes the back of the shoe, preventing it from collapsing, bulging or pinching.

Can I hang it up by the handle?

Yes, the oval handle can be used to hang the shoe horn on a coat rack, storage hook or other similar locations.

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