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Product description

Matrix Elastic Bandages, manufactured by Medline, according to Medline are their finest elastic bandages.

Patients caring for a wound or injured limb typically require some sort of support to provide compression. These compression dressings help to hold dressings or splints in place. This is typically achieved with an elastic bandage. This bandage is the finest elastic bandage offered by Medline and is manufactured with a polyester and cotton weave. Elastic bandages can lose their elasticity over time. The combination of materials in this product helps with providing excellent long term elasticity and recoverability.

Matrix Elastic Bandages are a white beige color making them perfect for when the bandage may be visible and not easily covered. An additional benefit from this product is the velcro closure. Most people that have used elastic bandages have experienced the annoyance of losing one or both of the clips used to secure the bandage to itself. The velcro closure on this item makes the clips unnecessary while still providing a secure closure method. BUY Matrix Elastic Bandages from Vitality Medical today.

Matrix Elastic Bandages Features and Benefits

  • Finest elastic bandage available from Medline
  • Polyester/cotton weave provides excellent elasticity and recoverability
  • Velcro® closure no need to keep track of bandage clips

Matrix Elastic Bandages Specifications

  • Sterility: Non-sterile
  • Latex free: Yes
  • Matrix Elastic Bandages item numbers: MDS087003LF, MDS087004LF, MDS087006LF

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