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Adjustable Arch Sleeves


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Product description

Relieves foot and arch pain due to plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, sprains and strains. Ribbed material provides constant compression for effective pain relief. Includes three sizes (for left and right) of cushioning gel inserts that can be combined for customized support of neutral, flat and high arches. Nonslip, flexible fit sleeves gently stretch to accommodate arch circumferences up to 10.5” without sliding, rolling or bunching. Soft and lightweight, the latex-free blend wicks away moisture for all-day comfort. The slim arch support sleeves easily fit in any shoe style with or without socks or hosiery.


Do I get one sleeve or a pair?

The arch support sleeves include one pair of arch supports, one pair of small inserts, one pair of medium inserts and one pair of large inserts.

What are the pockets for?

The arch compression sleeves include two fabric pockets for securing the desired gel inserts in place.

Are they washable?

Yes, the sleeves should be hand washed in cool water with a mild detergent. Allow them to air dry completely before use. The gel inserts may be rinsed under cool water and should be dried immediately with a lint-free cloth.

Can I wear these arch sleeves while long distance running?

Yes! The slim compression sleeves are lightweight and breathable, comfortably fitting in most shoe styles, including running shoes for greater arch support throughout any activity.

Will these stay in place without socks?

Yes! The flexible sleeves can be worn barefoot, with socks and in most shoe styles without slipping or bunching.

Are the one size fits all?

Yes, the sleeves gently stretch to accommodating arch circumferences up to 10.5”.

Will they help high arches?

Yes, the sleeves include three sizes of gel inserts to adjust the level of support for each arch.

Do I have to wear on both feet if only one foot hurts?

Although you can wear only one arch sleeve, it is recommended that you wear both sleeves to maintain proper balance.

Will these inserts help relieve heel pain?

Yes! They the compression sleeves support the arch to maintain proper foot alignment, effectively relieving heel pain.

Are the compression sleeves latex free?

Yes! The arch compression sleeves and silicone gel inserts are latex-free.

Can they be worn all day?

Yes! The arch sleeves are designed to provide comfortable support throughout the day.

Does this cause a lot of bulk in shoes?

No. The low profile arch support sleeves are very comfortable in most shoe styles.

What foot conditions do these arch supports help relieve?

The foot arch supports provide compression therapy for relieving plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, tendonitis, strains and sprains, overpronation, flat feet and high arches.

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