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Product description


    Effectively removes airborne particles such as allergens, dander and dust as well as odors for fresher, cleaner indoor air


    Certified HEPA filter includes a pre-filter for larger particles and an activated carbon layer for eliminating odors


    Suitable for rooms up to 172 square feet, the air purifier is great for living and family rooms, home offices and more


    Featuring an exceptionally quiet night mode, the air purifier is ideal for bedrooms and nurseries


    Sleek and modern, the tower design measures 16” by 7.7” for easy placement in any room


    Create a soothing night time atmosphere with one of seven colors




How often should I change the air purifier filter?

It is recommended that the air filter be changed every six months or when the red indicator light is flashing.

Does the air purifier also remove viruses like the flu?

The Sequoia air purifier can trap bacteria and viruses minimizing their spread, however, the air purifier does not eliminate them.

How long should I run my Sequoia each day?

The air purifier features three timed settings in 2-, 4- or 8-hour increments and may be run continuously if desired.

Does the Sequoia air purifier have a carbon filter?

Yes! The air purifier includes an activated carbon filter for eliminating unpleasant odors, including smoke and kitchen odors.

Is the air purifier portable?

Yes, the compact tower design makes it easy to transport the air purifier from room to room.

Is the fan on the air purifier quiet?

Yes! The Sequoia air purifier is quiet and features three fan levels including an ultra-quiet night mode. The noise output is less than 53dB, the equivalent of a quiet conversation at home.

Can the filter be cleaned or does it need to be replaced each time?

The air filter should be replaced every six months or when indicated by the flashing red light. Do not clean or reuse dirty air filters as this may damage the air purifier.

Can the LED light be turned off?

Yes! The LED light may be turned off by pressing the light button.

Does the air purifier include a filter?

Yes! The Sequoia air purifier includes a filter for out of the box use.


- For removing pollen, dander, dust, odors and airborne contaminants from the air


- Air purifier tower: 16” by 7.7”
- Air filter: 8.56” by 6.44”
- Coverage area: 172 square feet
- CADR: 130 m3/hour


- Steel
- Composite material
- Mesh
- H11 HEPA Filter
- Pre-filter layer
- Activated carbon filter
- LED bulb


Care Instructions:
- Unplug the air purifier before cleaning
- Using a soft cloth and mild cleaning solution, clean debris from the surface of the air purifier and from the air inlet/outlet


What’s Included:
- Sequoia Air Purifier by Vive
- Two year guarantee

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