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Alternating Pressure Pad Replacement


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Product description


    Compatible with the Vive variable air pump and most air pump brands to make replacing a worn or damaged alternating pressure pad easy


    Provides relief from pressure ulcers and sore spots on bedridden patients by evenly distributing and comfortably supporting their body weight.


    Equipped with 130 individually heat sealed air bubbles for even weight disbursement and durable support


    Fits on an existing hospital bed, twin, full, queen, or king-size mattress


    Supporting up to 300 pounds, the durable vinyl material is latex-free and waterproof


    The set includes an alternating pressure mattress pad, dual inflation hoses and a patch kit


What is included with my purchase?

The Vive replacement alternating pressure mattress pad includes the mattress pad, dual inflation tubes and a patch kit. This set does not include a pressure pump.

Will this replacement pressure pad work with my Vive pressure pump?

Yes! The replacement pressure pad is compatible with the Vive variable air pump and most air pump brands.

Does the replacement alternating mattress pad include a repair kit?

Yes, the replacement includes a repair kit with two patches and necessary adhesive.

Does the replacement mattress pad include an air pump?

No, the replacement mattress pad is designed to be a replacement for worn or damaged mattress pads and does not include a variable air pump. The Alternating pressure mattress pad

Is the mattress pad waterproof?

Yes! The alternating pressure mattress pad is completely waterproof.

Will the mattress pad work for someone with severe incontinence?

Yes, the Vive alternating pressure mattress pad is waterproof to use with those experiencing incontinence. To make cleanup easier, the pressure mattress pad can be covered with a Sures waterproof fitted bed sheet or a reusable Vive incontinence pad.

Will the mattress pad work on top of a regular bed, not a hospital bed?

Yes! The alternating pressure pad overlay is designed to work with standard mattresses or hospital beds of any size.

What size bed will the Vive replacement pressure mattress pad fit?

The replacement pressure pad can be used on any size mattress, but at 36 inches wide, it will cover the equivalent space of a twin size mattress.

What is the weight limit for the mattress pad?

The Vive mattress pad safely supports up to 300lbs.

What material is the mattress pad made of?

The Vive alternating mattress pad is made of a durable vinyl material.

How thick is the mattress pad when it is inflated?

The mattress pad measures 3” thick when fully inflated.

Can the pressure mattress pad be covered with a fitted sheet?

Yes, a fitted sheet can be placed over the pressure mattress pad.

Does the alternating pressure mattress pad help to avoid/reduce bedsores?

Yes, the alternating pressure mattress pad is used in the prevention of bedsores. The mattress will relieve pressure from vulnerable areas so that sores do not develop. We do still recommend traditional further inspection of turning the patient and observing high-risk areas regularly, and to not solely rely on the mattress pad.

How do I clean my alternating pressure mattress pad?

To clean your mattress pad, make sure to disconnect from the electrical outlet. Use a damp cloth with a mild detergent, then dry with a soft, lint-free cloth. The mattress pad can also be wiped down with alcohol or disinfectant wipes.

Do the mattress cells inflate all at once?

No, there are two main air chambers in the pad that alternate inflation every six minutes, causing the patient’s weight to shift

Is there any latex in the mattress pad?

No, the vinyl mattress pad is completely latex-free.

Does the mattress pad work on a Memory Foam mattress?

Yes! The Vive pressure pad can be used on standard mattresses, memory foam mattresses and hospital bed mattresses.

Is the alternating pressure mattress pad an alternative for a mattress?

No, this pad is designed to fit on top of a mattress. It should not replace a mattress.

How long is the inflation air hose?

The flexible, inflation hose is approximately 5 feet in length.

Does the mattress pad have to be inflated before using?

Yes, it is necessary to fully inflate the mattress pad before use.

Is the mattress pad hard or soft?

The alternating pressure mattress pad provides variable support based on your preferences, from very firm to soft when connected to an air pump such as the Vive variable air pump.

Does the alternating pressure mattress pad come in a Queen or King size?

No, the pressure mattress pad is only available in the twin bed size, but can be used on a queen or king-sized bed for individual support.

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