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Anti-Fatigue Mat


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Product description

Relieving pain and discomfort caused by standing, the anti-fatigue mat supports the feet for better posture in the kitchen, workstation and more. Lightly textured, the faux leather exterior provides greater traction for safe use with shoes, socks and bare feet. Beveled edges provide easy access for mobility aids and rolling office chairs while minimizing tripping hazards. Soft, high-density foam is nontoxic and latex-free providing safe cushioning and support. A non-slip backing provides greater stability on any surface, including carpet, tile, and hardwood. Featuring a waterproof exterior, the floor mat repels dirt and pet hair for easy cleaning.


Where can I use my new mat?

The anti-fatigue mat is perfect for standing desks, kitchens, garages, craft rooms and workstations.

Will I be able to roll my chair over the mat?

Yes! The anti-fatigue mat features beveled edges to allow mobility aids and office chairs to smoothly roll over the mat.

Will the mat be folded for shipping?

No, the standard mat is rolled for shipping and the large mat is shipped flat.

Can I use it on a hardwood floor?

Yes! The anti-fatigue mat features a non-slip backing that is safe for all flooring types including hardwood.

What is the mat made of?

The anti-fatigue mat is constructed with a high-density, latex-free foam with a antimicrobial coating.

Does the mat have a chemical odor?

No, the non-toxic mat is free from chemical odors and off-gassing for safe, long-term use.

Is the mat safe around pets?

Yes! The mat features a non-slip backing to ensure it will not slide and a textured surface for greater traction. The mat does not attract pet hair for easy cleaning.

Is the mat comfortable enough for bare feet?

Yes, the mat provides cushioning support with a lightly textured surface that is safe and comfortable for bare feet.

Is it waterproof?

Yes, the anti-fatigue mat is waterproof.

Is the mat latex-free?

Yes! The anti-fatigue mat is nontoxic and latex-free.

Can I stand on the mat with shoes on?

Yes, the anti-fatigue mat is durably designed for use with or without shoes.

How do I clean my mat?

The mat is easily cleaned with a damp cloth and mild household cleaner. Air dry completely.

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