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Back Ice Wrap


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Product description

Combines therapeutic compression with soothing hot or cold therapy to relieve pain and inflammation in the lower back. Three curved aluminum splints gently push the gel pack into the arch of the back for targeted relief. Filled with a non-toxic silica gel, the Arctic Flex pack remains flexible when frozen and can also be gently heated. Dual tension straps provide additional compression for optimal relief along the lower back. Strong fasteners provide an adjustable fit up to 50” waists with the included 8” extender strap. Constructed with a latex-free neoprene blend with non-slip liners for greater comfort.


How big is the included gel pack?

The large Arctic Flex gel pack measures 14.5” by 7.5” to provide optimal coverage of the lower back.

Can the back ice wrap be used to provide both cold and heat?

Yes! The included Arctic Flex gel pack can be frozen for cooling relief or gently heated in a microwave or on the stovetop for soothing pain relief.

Will I be able to wear the back ice wrap under a shirt?

Yes, the low-profile back wrap may be worn under loose-fitting clothing.

How wide is the Vive back brace?

The Vive back ice wrap measures 8” wide.

Does the Vive back ice wrap provide compression as well?

Yes! The wrap includes dual tension straps to customize the level of compression.

How large of a waist with the back wrap fit?

The Vive back ice wrap will fit waist circumferences up to 42”. When used with the included 8” extender strap, the wrap will accommodate waist sizes up to 50”.

Will I be able to sit with the back ice wrap on?

Yes, the back ice wrap allows for limited movement such as sitting, standing and walking.

Does the Vive back ice wrap stay dry?

Yes, because the gel pack is placed in an interior pocket, the wrap stays dry and comfortable.

Is the Arctic Flex gel pack nontoxic?

Yes! Arctic Flex gel packs are filled with a safe, nontoxic silica gel.

How heavy is the gel pack?

The gel pack weighs 1.3 pounds.

Is the Vive back wrap soft or is it stiff?

The Vive back ice wrap is soft and flexible to conform to the waist, but includes three aluminum splints along the lower back to gently push the gel pack into the arch of the back.

Is the back ice wrap latex-free?

Yes! The Vive ice wrap and Arctic Flex pack are latex-free.

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