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Product description


Effectively stretches the lower back to relieve pain and pressure while correcting posture imbalances and increasing flexibility


Safely cradles the spine for proper positioning and greater protection


Compact design is easy to use at home, in the car, and on the go


Easily adjusts to one of three levels of arching for customized stretching


Lined with small raised discs, the back stretcher also provides gentle acupressure to relieve tension


Made with a strong composite material that safely supports up to 440 pounds


Will this work with someone only 5’2”?

Yes, the lumbar stretcher measures 15” in length to properly support a wide range of heights.

What is the weight limit?

The back stretcher safely supports up to 440 pounds.

Can I sleep on it?

The maximum recommended time for stretching is 5 minutes, making it unsuitable for sleeping on.

Does this help stretch the entire spine?

Yes, the back stretcher when used as instructed stretches the entire spine. To increase the amount of stretch in the lower back, slowly lower the legs from the bent knee position. To increase the stretch felt in the upper back, slowly raise the arms above the head until the elbows touch the floor.

What are the dimensions of the back stretcher?

The back stretcher is 15” long and 9.5” wide. The angle of arching is adjustable from a minimum height of 2” to a maximum height of 4.5”. And can fold flat for more compact storage.

Which end goes near the shoulders?

The narrow end of the stretcher should be placed towards the shoulders with the wider end positioned at the base of the spine.

Can it be used while in bed?

The back stretcher should always be used on flat, stable surfaces.

How many times a day should I stretch?

The back stretcher can be used for up to three, 5-minute sessions each day.

Will it fold flat for traveling?

Yes! Simply slide the narrow end out of slot to fold the back stretcher flat for storage or easy portability.

Can I use this in a chair instead of on the floor?

Yes, the back stretcher can be used while seated for support.

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