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Balance Pad


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Product description

Providing a moderately unstable surface, the balance pad improves overall balance, increasing core strength, joint stability and mobility. Great for rehabilitation, physical therapy, balance training and exercise, the balance pad can also be used as a posture supporting seat cushion. Extra large balance pad platform is lightly textured for greater traction and stability on any flat surface. Safely and comfortably use the 2.4” pad when barefoot, while wearing socks or athletic shoes. Use at home or on the go, the balance pad is lightweight for easy portability. High-density, closed-cell foam is tear-resistance and effectively repels sweat and water.


Will this work as a seat cushion?

Yes, the balance pad can be used as a posture correcting seat cushion.

Could I use this on the floor for a meditation pillow?

Yes! The balance pad is designed for use as both an active cushion and for balance training and exercise.

Can I use this at my standing work station?

Yes, the balance pad will provide some gentle movement and cushioning when working at a standing desk.

Is it safe to wear shoes on the balance pad?

Yes! The balance pad is durable and can be used barefoot, with socks and while wearing shoes. It is not recommended that hard sole shoes, such as dress shoes, boots or heels be worn on the balance pad.

Are the two colors the same firmness?

Yes! Both the standard black and standard blue balance pads are constructed with the same high-density material to provide a moderately unstable surface.

How do I clean the pad?

The balance pad should be wiped down with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Dry it immediately with a lint-free cloth.

What are the dimensions of the pad?

The pad measures 2.4” thick, 15.8” in width and 13.4” in length.

Is the balance pad latex-free?

Yes! The durable foam material is latex-free.

Is it textured on both sides or only one?

The balance pad is textured on both sides.

What is the weight limit for the balance pad?

The balance pad safely supports up to 300 pounds.

Does it include a manual?

Yes! The balance pad includes an illustrated manual with suggested exercises for balance training.

Can you stand on it with both feet?

Yes, the pad is large enough to accommodate both feet with a moderate stance.

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