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Button Hook (With Finger Hole)


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Product description


    Great for those with limited dexterity, arthritis or carpal tunnel, the Vive button hook allows you to easily button shirts, blouses, pants, shorts and more


    Designed to work with any button size with a narrow tip that locks the button in place for easier maneuverability


    Made with a smooth, durable steel, the slim wire loop easily slides in buttonholes without damaging clothing


    Ergonomically shaped for an easy grip, the button hook includes an opening for the index finger to provide greater control


    Soft, composite material is lightly textured to create a secure, comfortable grip


    A narrow steel hook for easily zipping jackets and clothing


How do I use the Vive button hook?

To use the button hook: first, slide the wire through the buttonhole from the front to the back. Gently maneuver the button through the center of the wire loop and slide to the narrow end to lock in place. Gently pull through the buttonhole and slide outward to release.

Is the Vive ergonomic button hook strong enough to button jeans?

Yes! The button hook’s wire loop is heavy-duty, allowing you to secure buttons of any size and shape.

Does this work well for small buttons with tight buttonholes?

Yes, the Vive ergonomic button hook allows you to manipulate small buttons through their buttonholes.

Can I use the button hook with only one hand?

Yes, the Vive button hook and zipper pull can be used with one hand.

Will the button hook help unbutton my shirt too?

Yes, the button hook can be used for unbuttoning clothing as well.

Does the button hook include a zipper pull on the end?

Yes, the ergonomic button hook includes a narrow zipper pull on the opposite end.

Will the button hook work on cuff buttons?

Yes, the button hook will button cuff and sleeve buttons.

Can I zip up my boots with the Vive button hook?

Yes, providing the zipper on your boots has an eye for the zipper pull to slide through.

Would this work for a dress that zips in the back?

Yes, the zipper pull can be used for back zippers depending on the users reach and flexibility.

How long is the button hook?

The Vive ergonomic button hook measures 8” in length.

Can I use the button hook to button my shorts as well?

Yes! The Vive button hook can be used to button any article of clothing, including shorts.

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