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C-Shaped Body Pillow


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Product description


Designed to wrap around the entire body, the C-shaped pillow supports the head, neck, shoulders, back, hips and knees to relieve discomfort


Easy to remove, the zippered pillow cover is machine washable


Flexible in design, the body pillow supports side-sleepers and is repositionable to supports back, neck or knees while seated and support the arms while nursing


Made with soft polyester material, the pillowcase is breathable to allow heat to quickly dissipate for greater comfort


Filled with soft poly fiber, the pillow is resilient for comfortable support throughout the night and features an interior zipper to adjust the loft of the pillow as needed



Does the C-shaped body pillow include a pillowcase?

Yes! The C-shaped body pillow includes a removable pillow cover.

How heavy is the body pillow?

The full body pillow is approximately 6.6 pounds.

Is the pillow bendable?

Yes, the curved body pillow is filled with premium fiber that easily contours to the body for optimal support.

What are the dimensions of the body pillow?

The body pillow is 29” at the widest point, 54” in length and approximately 6” high.

Is the c-shaped pillow washable?

The Xtra-Comfort pillow should be spot cleaned only with a damp cloth and mild detergent. The removable pillowcase is machine washable.

Does this body pillow stay cool through the night?

Yes! The full body pillow is breathable to allow air to circulate and heat to quickly dissipate.

What is the shaped body pillow filled with?

The contouring body pillow is filled with a soft poly fiber filling for gentle support.

Is the pregnancy pillow firm or soft?

The full body, pregnancy pillow is exceptionally soft and comfortable, contouring to the body for gentle support.

How thick is the body pillow?

The body pillow is approximately 6” thick and features an interior zipper to allow filling to be removed and repositioned for optimal comfort.

Why do I need to let it set for 6-8 hours?

The C-shaped body pillow will arrive in a vacuum sealed package. Airing the pillow out in a well-ventilated area allows the filling to regain its shape and odors created by the packaging to dissipate.

Can I use this body pillow to support my knees?

Yes, the C-shaped body pillow provides additional support for the knees and hips, as well as the head, neck, shoulders and stomach.

Is this a good support while pregnant?

Yes! The C-shaped full body pillow is perfect for providing comfortable support during pregnancy.


- For additional support while resting and sleeping
- For maternity support


- Length: 54”
- Thickness: 6”


- Filling: poly fiber
- Casing: 100% polyester
- Pillowcase: 100% polyester


- Blue
- White
- Gray


Care Instructions:
- Removable pillowcase is machine washable in warm water with a mild detergent
- Tumble dry low
- Inner casing should be spot cleaned only


What’s Included:
- Xtra-Comfort C-shaped Pillow
- Removable Pillowcase
- 60 day guarantee

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