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Chair Incontinence Pads

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Product description

Protects chairs, wheelchairs, sofa cushions, recliners and car seats from incontinence, spills and pet accidents. Made with soft, absorbent polyester materials for comfortable, quiet seating. Constructed with super absorbent, interior layers to hold up to two cups of liquid. Base layer is waterproof providing added protection against leaks and stains. Reusable chair pad is easy to clean for greater convenience. The chair pad base is designed to stay in place without slipping or sliding.


Is there anything to keep the chair pad from sliding around?

Yes! The Sures chair pad features a nonslip, waterproof base layer to minimize sliding.

Does this include a single chair pad?

Yes, each package contains one Sures chair incontinence pad.

How big is the reusable chair pad?

The Sures chair pad measures 22.25” by 21.25” to fit most wheelchairs, car seats, chairs, sofas and recliners.

Is the Sures chair pad leakproof?

Yes, the chair pad is leakproof, safely holding up to two cups of liquid.

Can I use this chair pad as a pet pad?

Yes, the chair pad is suitable for protecting furniture from pet accidents.

Is the waterproof chair pad quiet or does it crinkle when you move?

Yes, the waterproof chair pad is exceptionally quiet.

Will this chair pad cover a toddler bed mattress?

The Sures chair pad measures 22.25” by 21.25” and will cover a significant portion of the mattress, but will not provide complete coverage.

Is the chair pad washable?

Yes! The Sures chair incontinence pad is machine washable for easy cleaning.

Can I use the Sures waterproof chair pad to protect a car seat?

Yes, the chair pad is sized to easily fit on most car seats.

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