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Contour Cloud Mattress


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Product description

Get the benefits of memory foam comfort and standard foam durability along with built-in lumbar support with our Contour Cloud®  Mattress Pad.  Three layers of comfort and superior body support make the difference.

Contoured for comfort, air circulation and advanced back support!
An independent sleep efficiency test showed that more time is spent in the deeper, most restorative levels of sleep when using the Contour Cloud® Mattress Pad as compared to a basic mattress and pressure maps show that body weight is more evenly distributed, minimizing pressure build-up as well as tossing and turning.

Soft-Touch Memory Foam Layer

  • Triple layer design features heat sensitive memory foam that molds to fit your every curve and responds to your body’s movements during the night.
  • Distributes the body’s weight more evenly to help reduce painful pressure points that can develop during the night
  • Material originally developed for NASA to cushion astronauts on lift-off.
  • Ridges provide better air circulation and breathability so you stay cool and comfortable during the night

Yellow Middle Layer

  • Lumbar support fills in the “flat bed gap,” maintaining the spine’s proper curve to help minimize low back pain caused by poor sleep posture. (Use spine to demonstrate how the lumbar support fits the spine’s natural lumbar curve.)
  • Helps to counteract the “bowing” effect that takes place on the spine as a result of improper weight distribution when sleeping on the stomach

Blue Base Layer

  • Constructed of high quality dense foam for excellent nighttime support
  • Prevents the mattress pad from bottoming out underneath the body’s weight

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