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If you struggle with sleep apnea or another condition that affects your breathing while you sleep, it can be extremely difficult to get a pleasant night of sleep. Fortunately, we have plenty of products for you to choose from that’ll help you take control of your sleep health. Here at Broadway Home Medical, we take pride in offering our customer a broad range of options that’ll improve their health and overall quality of life.

For those who need respiratory therapy while they sleep, we recommend investing in a CPAP machine. These machines use a single pressure setting that stays consistent during the night. Many models come with a ramp feature, so it begins at a lower setting and gradually increases to deliver the prescribed level of pressure. If you’re interested in learning more about these products, give us a call or visit us in Wichita, KS. Our inventory includes an impressive selection of industry leaders, such as Drive CPAP and supplies as well as Respironics CPAP machines.

Drive Medical Comfortfit full face CPAP Mask

Drive CPAP and Supplies

Drive Medical offers a wide variety of products, including the ComfortFit full face CPAP mask, which is designed to provide you with effective sleep therapy. It offers a silicone contact and frame stabilizers to ensure an even redistribution of pressure for superior effectiveness. You can say goodbye to bulky forehead pads with this Drive CPAP mask. You’ll be able to move freely in bed, so whether you’re reading a book or watching television, you won’t feel restricted by your mask. As the name indicates, it also boasts a comfortable fit so you’re guaranteed to have a restful night’s sleep. Some other supplies the company offers includes oxygen tubing, oxygen cylinders, should carrying bags, and more.

Philips DreamStation CPAP Machine on night stand

Respironics CPAP Machine

One of the most commonly prescribed sleep therapy systems comes from Philips Respironics. The innovative DreamStation CPAP machines are responsive, informative, quiet, and simple to use. You’ll receive maintenance alerts and reminders every 30 days. It’s ultra-lightweight and comes with a small, sleek profile that’s ideal for travel. You’ll even have the unique luxury of customizing your therapy management with the DreamMapper sleep apnea app that allows you to keep track of your results. Pair it with the DreamWear nasal mask if you’re looking for superior comfort and the ability to move freely during sleep. If you prefer an option that won’t cause irritation or leave red marks, go with the DreamWear full face mask.

If you’re ready to take control of your sleep health, stop by Broadway Home Medical in Wichita, KS to start browsing our inventory. We’d be happy to introduce you to our Drive CPAP and supplies, as well as the Respironics CPAP machines.

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