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Crutch Bag


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Product description


Conveniently store and carry personal items in a secure bag leaving your hands free for better mobility


Secure pocket includes a pen holder and safely holds loose items such as keys, wallet, ID card and more


Simple fastener strap system securely holds the crutch bag in place


A large interior compartment is sized to easily hold a water bottle with a drawstring closure to keep it secure


Sized to fit both adult and youth crutches without interfering in your stride


Relieve hand and wrist fatigue, the crutch bag includes two padded hand grip covers



What are the dimensions of the Vive crutch bag?

The crutch bag measures 9” by 5” by 3” to hold a water bottle, phone and other small items.

How long are the crutch bag straps?

The top crutch bag straps are 10” long and the side straps are 2.5” long.

Can I fit a water bottle in the crutch bag?

Yes, most water bottles will fit into the large drawstring compartment.

Can I carry a book in the Vive crutch bag?

Yes, the crutch bag measures 5” wide to easily hold a paperback book.

Can I carry a cell phone in the crutch bag?

Yes! The Vive crutch bag features a phone pocket that measures 5” by 3” by 0.75” to safely hold most phones.

Does the crutch bag work with forearm crutches?

The Vive crutch bag was not designed to be used with forearm crutches.

Does the crutch bag work with a cane?

No, the Vive crutch bag was not designed to be used with canes.

Does the Vive crutch bag get in the way of the hand grips?

No, the crutch bag straps will allow the bag to be positioned out of the way of the hand grips for maximum comfort and accessibility.

Does the Vive crutch bag come with hand grip cushions?

Yes, the crutch bag includes one pair of hand grip covers.

Can I install the crutch pouch without taking the crutch apart?

Yes! The Vive crutch bag is easy to install without taking the crutch apart. The bag utilizes multiple fastener straps to hang the bag from one of the handrails and secure it to the side rails to prevent it from swinging.

Is there a closure on any of the crutch bag pockets?

Yes! The main compartment features a drawstring closure and the largest pocket is zippered for safely storing loose items.

Can I hang the crutch bag facing inward instead of outward?

Yes, the Vive crutch bag is versatile enough to hang either way, whichever is more convenient for you.


- For safely securely carrying small personal items while using crutches


- Crutch bag: 9” by 5” by 3”
- Zippered pouch: 6” by 4” by 1”
- Phone pocket: 5” by 3” by 0.75”


- Water-resistant polyester


Care Instructions:
- Hand wash the crutch bag in cold water with a mild detergent
- Allow to air dry before reattaching to your crutches


What’s Included:
- Vive Crutch Bag
- Vive hand grips- one pair
- 60 day guarantee

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