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Cup Holder Attachment


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Product description


    Easily attaching to a variety of objects, the clip on drink holder keeps beverages close at hand


    Perfect for rollators, walkers, knee scooters and bikes, power scooters, strollers, bed rails, music and mic stands, desks and benches


    Holds cans, bottles, tumblers and coffee cups up to 3” in diameter


    Lined with textured nonslip material, the clamp securely holds onto tubing and flat surfaces up from 1/8” to 1.5” in diameter


    A simple twist knob secures the clamp at any angle for easy installation on any surface


Can I use this cup holder on my walker?

Yes! The clip-on cup holder is perfect for mobility aids such as walkers, rollators, hybrid transport chairs and wheelchairs.

Will this cup holder work if it’s at an angle?

Yes! The Vive cup holder features a swivel base for use on angled tubing.

How big of a drink will the cup holder hold?

The expandable cup holder accommodates cups, cans and bottles up to 3” in diameter.

Does it work on scooters?

Yes, the Vive clip-on cup holder is designed to work on most mobility aids, including knee scooters and power scooters.

What is the widest the clamp will open?

The clamp will open up to 1.5”, easily fit around standard size tubing used for mobility aids.

Is the clamp vertical or horizontal?

Both! The clamp pivots for secure use at any angle.

How tall is the cupholder?

The cupholder measures 3.5” tall.

Will the clamp hold on flat surfaces like a desk or workbench?

Yes, the clamp is lined with a non-slip material that provides a secure grip for installing on desks, tables and workbenches.

Can I use this clip on cupholder on my stroller?

Yes! The clamp style cup holder is perfect for most stroller types including joggers and umbrella strollers.

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