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Eclipse 5 POC


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Product description

The SeQual Eclipse 5 portable oxygen concentrator from Caire offers powerful oxygen delivery for users wanting flexibility and reliability. This unit can offer both continuous flow (.5-3 LPM) and pulse flow oxygen (flow settings 1-9), meeting the needs of nearly every prescription oxygen therapy user. The Eclipse 5 battery gives 2 hours of use, with additional batteries optional, and also runs on A/C wall power and D/C vehicle power. The SeQual Eclipse 5 also comes with a convenient rolling cart with adjustable handle.

Portable Oxygen Solutions offers this new Eclipse 5 portable oxygen concentrator online, in a convenient sale package. This whole system includes...


System Includes:

  • New 2020 SeQual Eclipse 5 concentrator unit
  • 24/7 night and day oxygen delivery with auto SAT continuous flow
  • Powerful Lithium Ion Battery 
  • Two-wheeled mobile cart
  • 9 pulse dose oxygen settings
  • FAA approved
  • A/C wall power supply, which can charge your unit while in use
  • D/C car power supply, with charging capacity
  • Woks with both USA and International power- 110V or 240V
  • Built-in oxygen purity monitor
  • Customized accessory bag
  • Soft-tip nasal cannula
  • 3 YEAR Warranty
  • LCD control panel that is easy to read and operate
  • Lifetime technical support
  • FedEx FREE Delivery!

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