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Product description

Great for on the go emergencies, motion sickness, sudden illness, morning sickness and more, the emergency bags quickly open to contain the mess. Reinforced with a sturdy ring, the opening measure 5” to minimize misses and spills. Each leakproof bag includes a secure, dual closure for spill-proof, hygienic disposal to reduce contamination and clean up. Designed to trap and suppress unpleasant odors when sealed with the notched ring. Emergency vomit bags are constructed with a sturdy material that disguises the contents and provides graduate measurements for necessary tracking. Compact design easily slips in a handbag, travel bag or glove box for emergency use while traveling.


Will these fit in the door pockets in the backseat of a car?

Yes! The vomit bags are compact and will easily fit into pockets in the door of a car.

Can I use these at home too?

Yes! The bags can be used at home or on the go.

What are the dimensions of the bags?

Each bag opening measure 5” in diameter with a total length of 14”.

Do the bags lie flat before use?

Yes, each bag is flattened to fit inside the reinforced ring opening for compact storage. To use the bag, simply hold the ring while pulling the bag downward.

Are the bags latex-free?

Yes, the emesis bags are latex-free.

How do the bags seal closed?

To seal a bag for disposal, twist the bag above the contents. Then, slide the twisted bag into a notch on the white ring.

Do these bags reduce odors?

Yes, the vomit bags trap and suppress unpleasant odors.

Will these work for children?

Yes, the emesis bags are suitable for all ages. Younger children may need assistance in holding the bag securely around the mouth area to minimize misses and spills.

Are the bags see-thru?

No, the bags are made with a strong opaque material to hide the contents from view.

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