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Product description

Massaging gel insoles relieves plantar fasciitis, arch and heel pain as well as reduces overall foot fatigue. Contoured to cradle the heel and provide additional stability to any arch type with a neutral arch support without flattening out. Unique honeycomb inserts at the heel and forefoot absorb the impact of every step to reduce painful pressure points, stress and fatigue. Easily trimmed to fit most shoes styles, including athletic, casual, dress shoes or boots. Breathable lining is antimicrobial to eliminate odors and bacterial buildup for longterm wearability. Features a textured base to eliminate slipping for increased stability and comfort.


Are these insoles soft?

Yes, the gel is soft and flexible to cushion your foot.

Can I use regular scissors to cut them to size?

Yes! The gel insoles can be trimmed for a custom fit with any standard pair of scissors.

Can they be used in multiple pairs of shoes?

Yes! Because the insoles do not adhere to the shoe, they can easily be moved from shoe to shoe.

Do they provide cushion clear out to the toes?

Yes, these insoles are full length to provide cushioning from heel to toe.

Can these be worn with sandals?

These insoles are designed to be worn in closed-toe shoes.

How thick are the insoles?

The insoles are x at the heel and x at the toe.

Is the purple area of the insoles hard?

The purple layer of gel is more firm for extra support, however, it is not hard like a rigid insole would be.

Can I wear it on top of another insole?

Yes, the gel insole can be layered over top of the existing insole provided the shoe is roomy enough to accommodate the added height.

Are they washable?

Yes, the insoles can be hand washed with cool water and a mild soap. Gently pat dry with a lint-proof cloth and allow to completely air dry before returning to your shoes.

Will they work in heels?

Yes, the insoles can be worn in moderate heels.

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