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Product description


Easily integrates with popular workouts to provide additional strength and stability training, rehabilitation and more


Durably designed, the exercise ball is made with a thick, anti-burst material


Featuring a matte finish, the exercise ball exterior includes tactile lines for a secure grip


At home, the office or even in a classroom, the Vive exercise ball is a great option for active seating at a desk or table


Available in five, adjustable sizes for a personalized fit for every height


Inflate the exercise ball in minutes with the included hand pump


How do I choose the right size ball for me?

Each ball is designed to accommodate a range of heights as listed in the chart located in the images. The extra-small exercise ball is perfect for those 4’8” and under. For those 4’8” to 5’3”, the small exercise ball is the recommended size. The medium exercise ball is ideal for those 5’4” to 5’10”. The large exercise yoga ball is size to accommodate those between 5’11” to 6’4”. For those 6’4” and over, the extra-large ball is the recommended size.

Is there a weight limit for the Vive exercise ball?

The Vive exercise ball is extremely durable and is tested to safely handle a stress load up to 2000 pounds without bursting.

Is it safe to use the yoga ball on wood floors?

Yes! The yoga ball is safe for all flat surfaces including wood, tile and carpeting, however, caution should be used on smooth surfaces to minimize unwanted movement.

Can I use the exercise ball as a desk seat?

Yes! The Vive exercise ball is perfect for active seating at a desk or table. Great for use in the office or in the classroom.

Can I use the Vive yoga ball as a birthing ball?

Yes, the Vive yoga ball is ideal for use as a birthing ball.

Is the exercise ball latex-free?

Yes, the exercise ball is latex-free.

Does the yoga ball include a pump?

Yes! The Vive yoga ball includes a hand pump and two air valve plugs.

Can I deflate the ball for traveling with?

Yes, the ball is easy to deflate and reinflate for traveling and compact storage.

Will this exercise ball work in Pilates routines?

Yes, the exercise ball easily integrates with yoga, Pilates and Crossfit workouts. Here's an example of one of the exercises you can perform on the stability ball:

How many plugs are included with my exercise ball?

The Vive exercise ball includes two air valve plugs: one for the initial inflation and one as a replacement if necessary.


- For strength, stability and balance training and recovery
For active seating


- XSmall: 15”-18”
- Small: 19”-22”
- Medium: 23”-26”
- Large: 27”-30”
- XLarge: 30”-33”


- Anti-burst composite material


Care Instructions:
- Wipe down the exercise ball with a disinfectant wipe or similar cleaning solution
- Dry immediately with a lint-free cloth


What’s Included:
- Vive Exercise Ball
- Hand pump
- Two air valve plugs
- 60 day guarantee

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