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Fabric Bunion Protector


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Product description

Effectively reduce painful pressure, friction and irritation caused by bunions with soft, cushioning bunion protectors. Cushioning gel-lined bunion guards conform to the toe to reduce rubbing and friction. Slim design can be comfortably worn with any shoe style, with or without socks or hosiery. A soft, yet durable gel is wrapped in a soft, stretchable fabric for greater durability and comfort. Features a soft, flexible toe loop for accommodating big toes of any size. Machine washable for a fresh, comfortable feel, the set includes four reusable, fabric bunion guards.


Can I wear the bunion protector while wearing high heels?

Yes, the slim profile of the ViveSole fabric bunion protector allows it to comfortably fit in most shoe styles, including heels.

Are the bunion guards latex-free?

Yes! The fabric bunion guards are latex-free.

Are the bunion protectors thin?

Yes, the gel-lined fabric bunion protectors are thin, yet durable, conforming to the toe to provide cushioning and protection while allowing you to wear everyday shoe styles.

Can these bunion guards be worn with shoes?

Yes! The slim bunion guards can be comfortably worn with most shoe styles, including dress, athletic and casual shoes as well as boots and some sandals.

How many bunion protectors come in a package?

Each package contains four fabric bunion protectors.

Will the fabric bunion protector prevent blisters from forming on my bunion?

Yes! The bunion protector pad eliminates friction and rubbing that forms most blisters.

Can I wear the fabric bunion protector on either foot?

Yes, the gel-lined fabric bunion guards can be worn on the left or right foot as needed.

What are the dimensions of the bunion guard?

Each fabric bunion protector measures 2.52” by 1.73 to provide optimal coverage.

Are they washable?

Yes! The fabric bunion protectors may be machine-washed or hand washed in cool water with a mild detergent. Air dry or pat dry with a lint-free, absorbent cloth.

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