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Face Ice Wrap


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Product description

Ideal for headaches, toothaches and TMJ as well as pain due to dental work, cosmetic surgery and more. The face ice wrap provides soothing compression to reduce swelling and inflammation and promote natural healing. Includes four Arctic Flex gel packs to provide soothing warmth or cooling relief as needed. Made with a latex-free neoprene blend, the face ice wrap is soft against the skin for exceptional comfort. Securing with a strong fastener material, the flexible facial wrap easily adjusts to fit most adult head sizes. Designed to comfortably conform to the head, leaving your hand free to easily complete daily tasks.


Will the Vive face ice wrap cool the chin directly?

Yes, the Vive face ice wrap can be positioned to provide cooling relief to the chin.

Can I heat the gel packs to create a warm face wrap?

Yes! The Arctic Flex gel packs can be warmed in a variety of ways for soothing, warm relief of facial pain.

Is the face ice wrap soft?

Yes! The Vive face ice wrap is made with an exceptionally soft neoprene blend for greater comfort.

Can I wear the face wrap like a face mask for headache pain?

Yes, the versatile wrap may be worn as a face mask, around the base of the neck and even across the shoulders for targeted relief of head and neck pain.

How long should I use the face ice wrap?

The recommended time for heat or ice therapy is 20 minutes.

What are the dimensions of the gel packs?

The Arctic Flex gel packs measure 4.25” x 8.9”

What is the face ice wrap made of?

The Vive face ice wrap is made with a soft, latex-free neoprene blend.

How do I clean my facial ice wrap?

First remove the Arctic Flex gel packs from the interior pockets. The wrap can then be hand washed in cold water with a mild detergent. Allow to air dry completely before use.

Does the facial wrap relieve TMJ pain?

Yes, the facial ice wrap provides soothing relief for TMJ pain.

How many gel packs come with the face wrap?

The set includes four gel packs: two gel packs for use in the facial ice wrap and two replacement packs.

Does the face wrap provide compression as well?

Yes, the face wrap provides moderate compression to reduce swelling and promote natural healing.

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