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Finger Sleeves


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Product description

Effectively relieves pain and stiffness in the fingers due to arthritis, tendonitis and injuries. Allowing the fingers to comfortable bend, the sleeves provide gentle support for daily tasks, sports and more. The finger sleeves gently stretch to fit most adult finger sizes. Lightweight and breathable, the finger sleeves are made with a soft cotton blend. Includes thirty finger sleeves in small, medium and large sizes to fit every finger.


Do the finger sleeves slide on easily?

Yes! The Vive finger sleeves gently stretch to easily slide on the finger and stay securely in place throughout any activity.

How many finger sleeves are in each package?

The set includes thirty finger sleeves: seven small sleeves, sixteen medium sleeves and seven large sleeves for comfortable use on all finger sizes.

Can I use the finger sleeve for compression support on my thumb?

Yes! The large finger sleeves are ideal for providing soothing compression for aching thumbs.

Will I still be able to bend my finger when wearing the compression sleeve?

Yes, the finger sleeves are flexible to allow a full range of motion while providing soothing compression and gentle support.

Do the compression sleeves contain latex?

Yes, the Vive compression finger sleeves are made with cotton/polyester/spandex blend that contains latex.

How long are the Vive finger sleeves?

Each finger sleeve is approximately 1.57” in length.

Will I be able to type with the finger sleeves on?

Yes! The finger sleeves are flexible to allow full use of the fingers while wearing.

Can I wear the finger sleeves while sleeping?

Yes, the finger sleeves are suitable for all-day or all-night use.

Will these finger sleeves relieve trigger finger fatigue from gaming?

Yes! The finger sleeves provide gentle compression that relieves discomfort and fatigue from repetitive motions.

Will the Vive finger sleeves work for someone with thin fingers?

Yes! The finger sleeve set includes seven small sleeves sized to fit slim fingers.

Can I wear these while working out?

Yes, the soft, non-slip finger sleeves provide mild compression and support while working out and playing sports such as basketball, golf, volleyball and more.

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