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Memory Foam Foot Rest


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Product description

Reducing fatigue and discomfort, the foam foot cushion elevates and supports the feet and ankles while seated. Half moon-shaped cushion provides both static and active seating. Measuring 4.5” tall, the foam foot cushion provides adequate room for the knees. Firm memory foam holds its shape for long-term use. Durably constructed for use with or without shoes. Dual zippered cover is removable and machine washable.


How wide is the foot rest?

The XtraComfort footrest measures 13.75” wide and 17.75” long.

Can I wear my shoes while propping my feet up on the footrest?

Yes! The XtraComfort foam footrest is durably constructed for use when barefoot or when wearing shoes.

Will the zipper scratch my floor?

The hidden zipper is located on the side of the footrest to minimize the risk of scratches on hard surfaces.

Does the footrest stay in place?

Yes! The footrest is equipped with nonslip, silicone dots to grip the floor surface and prevent sliding and unwanted movement.

How tall is the footrest at the tallest point?

The XtraComfort cushion is 4.5” at the tallest point.

Is the outer cover washable?

Yes, the removable cover is machine washable in cold water with a mild detergent. Air dry completely before recovering the footrest foam interior.

Can I use this footrest upside down as a rocker?

Yes! The half moon design allows the footrest to be used in both positions, flat for static use or on the curved side for active seating.

Will this easily fit under a desk?

Yes, the foam foot rest measures 4.5” to provide ample clearance for knees under most desks and tables.

Is it suitable for car travel?

Yes! The foam footrest is great for alleviating fatigue due to traveling by car. The footrest is suitable for passengers only.

Is the memory foam foot rest firm or soft?

The resilient memory foam cushion is firm.

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