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Product description

Effectively stretch the entire body to minimize the risk of injury, improve flexibility and spinal alignment. Creates self-direct pressure for self-myofascial release and to release tension and relieve sore, aching muscles in the shoulders, back, hips and legs. Use as a part of any popular floor routine such as yoga or Pilates and throughout rehabilitation to improve flexibility, range of motion and balance. Constructed with firm, high-density foam, the massage roller features molded edges and maintains its shape for exceptionally durable. Easy to use on any flat surface at home, at the gym or while traveling.


Will this help release upper back trigger points?

Yes! The firm foam roller is perfect for trigger point release safely targeting hard to reach areas such as the upper back.

Can I use the roller to stretch out my back?

Yes, the foam roller stretches out the upper and lower back to relieve tension and pain.

How long is the foam roller?

The foam roller is available in two lengths: 12” and 18”.

Is the foam roller firm or soft?

The resilient foam is firm for effective self-massage.

Are the ends rounded on both ends?

Yes, the ends of the foam roller are gently rounded.

Is it safe to use on my hardwood floor?

Yes, the high-density foam is safe for any floor surface.

What is the diameter of the foam roller?

The foam roller is 5.75” in diameter.

Will this help relieve sciatica & lower back pain?

Yes, the roller allows for targeted massage of the lower back and hip to relieve sciatica pain. Watch our video for examples of exercises you can do at home:

Is every color the same firmness?

Yes! Each roller is made with firm, high-density foam.

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