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Product description


Locks in place to provide extra stability while walking on any surface


Easily fits into a purse, briefcase, carry-on or wheelchair bag when collapsed


Choose your best cane height from 33” to 37”


Reduces hand fatigue, prevents muscle cramping and relieves pressure on the wrist


Removable slip-resistant rubber tip provides extra stability on slippery surfaces


The lightweight and collapsible cane includes handy storage strap and bag

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Folding Cane
Folding Cane
Folding Cane


Folding Cane
Folding Cane
Folding Cane



What is the folding cane made of?

The folding cane is constructed from lightweight anodized aluminum.

How heavy is the folding cane?

The cane is very lightweight, weighing less than 1.2 pounds.

How much weight will the folding cane support?

The cane will support up to 250 pounds.

How tall is the folding cane?

The cane height is adjustable in one inch increments, from a minimum of 33” to a maximum of 37”.

What is the diameter of the folding cane?

The cane is less than an inch in diameter at the top and ¾ of an inch at the base.

How do I find my optimal cane height?

Let your arms hang naturally at your sides. The cane handle should touch your wrist.

How do I adjust the cane height?

It’s very easy. Just loosen the locking latch under the grip. Push the brass pin in and pull the cane to the desired height. Make sure the pin pops back out. Tighten the locking latch.

How do I remove the storage strap?

To remove the storage strap squeeze cane together and slide the strap down and off to release the cane. You can refer to the video above for a step-by-step tutorial.

What colors do the cane come in?

The cane is available in black, white, purple, or teal.

Can I replace the rubber tip with something different?

Yes, most standard cane tips will fit the folding cane, including tripod and quad tips.

Is the handle comfortable?

Yes, the handle is designed to fit your hand comfortably to reduce fatigue. The grip is supportive and soft.

Is the handle padded?

While the handle is not padded, it is designed to be soft and supportive.

What are the dimensions of the cane when it is folded?

When folded, the cane is approximately 14” long and 5” wide.

Will the cane fit in my briefcase?

Yes, the cane will easily fit in a briefcase or handbag when folded.

Is the handle removable?

No, the handle is not removable.

Is the cane sturdy?

Yes, the cane is made with corrosion-resistant aluminum that is very durable and will withstand extended use.

Does the folding cane come with a band that holds it together when collapsed?

Yes, the cane includes a clip and bag for easy storage and travel.

Does the folding cane include a travel bag?

Yes, the cane includes a bag for easy storage and travel.

What is the button on the side of the cane for?

That button locks the cane in place at the desired cane height.

Is the handle made of latex?

No, there is no latex in the folding cane handle.

How do I remove the rubber tip for replacement?

The tip is only held on by friction. Wrap a cloth or hand towel around the cane just above the rubber tip and push down with the cloth.

Does the folding cane have a spring on the bottom to absorb impact?

No, there is no spring but the rubber tip helps to absorb impact and increase traction.

Can I walk on wet or slippery surfaces with the folding cane?

Yes, you can walk on wet or slippery surfaces with this cane but it is always recommended to use caution.

Does the folding cane include a light?

No, the folding cane does not include a light.

WARNING: The folding cane supports up to 250 pounds


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33” - 37”
250 lbs.

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