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Product description

Use with soap, body wash or shampoo to thoroughly clean and exfoliate your feet. Great for those with diabetes, arthritis, hip, knee or back pain, as well as pregnant women and athletes. Stiff outer bristles smooth rough skin and calluses while the soft inner bristles cleanse and massage the sole of each foot. Bristles are contoured for maximum effectiveness and comfort. Strong suction cup base easily secures the foot scrubber to any smooth tub or shower floor. A convenient hanger hole provides an easy way to hang the foot scrubber to dry between uses.


How do I clean my foot scrubber?

The foot scrubber can be cleaned with a mild soap, rinsed well and air dried.

What are the dimensions of this foot scrubber?

The outside dimensions are 14” by 9”. The brush measures 5.5" by 6.5".

Does the foot scrubber clean the toes and the top of the foot?

Yes, the foot scrubber does clean the toes. To effectively clean the tops of the toes, curl them under while passing through the bristles. The foot scrubber is not designed to clean the top of the foot.

Will it stick to the bottom of my textured bathtub?

The foot scrubber is designed to adhere securely to smooth surfaces, however, the suction cup base has several small suctions cups that may adhere to lightly textured surfaces.

How well does it stick without moving?

When properly secured to a smooth, dry surface, the foot scrubber will not slip or slide when wet.

Is there a container to hold the soap?

The soap, body wash or shampoo should be added directly to the bristles. It does not contain a reservoir for holding soap.

Can I leave it in the shower or do I need to clean it every time?

The foot scrubber should be rinsed well and removed from the shower floor to allow it to completely dry between uses.

Can I use this in my foot soaking tub?

Yes, this can be used in any tub that allows the foot scrubber to lay flush with the bottom of the tub.

Does this work with ticklish feet?

Yes, the foot scrubber is designed so you control the amount of pressure applied to the bristles, effectively reducing the tickle factor.

Do I need to hang it to dry between uses?

Yes, the foot scrubber should be rinsed well and hung to dry after every use.

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