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Product description

If you are looking for a comfortable alternative to standard crutches, the Mobility Designed Comfort Crutch is the product for you! The patent pending Comfort Crutch's unique design cradles your elbows to evenly distribute your weight, allowing the pressure to be removed from your wrists, armpits and hands. The M+D Crutch™ offers a wide variety of one of a kind features, which include a hinged arm cradle that can be unlocked to provide enhanced range of motion, customizable braces with flexible, quick release straps that keep arms in place when they need stay put and free when they don't, shock absorbing feet to help users navigate a variety of surfaces and rotating handles allowing for more mobility!

Watch the informative video from Drive Medical below to learn more!

Intended Use

This product is to be used as a walking aid for patients who are non-weight bearing on a single lower extremity. The crutch can also be used for those who need additional support when walking.

How to Use M+D Innovative Forearm Crutches

After assembling the forearm crutch, put the arms onto the arm pads and underneath the armbands. Place the stronger leg onto the floor and push off the ground using the forearms and feet of the crutches. Remember to keep balanced while trying to stand. Bend the weaker leg at an angle to keep it off of the ground. Tighten the elbows close to the sides of the body, and keep the feet of the crutch wider than the width of the shoulders. Move the crutch feet forward by doing a bicep curl. Making sure the crutch feet are secure on the ground, use the strength in the forearms to lift the body forward. Practice doing this until one gets the hang of it.

Users can also unlock the cradle with a push of a button to use a cell phone or reach for something while still using the crutches. Be sure one is stable before doing so.

Fully adjustable in both arm length and height accommodating users 4’11” to 6’8."

Handle Length: 11" - 17"


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4’11” - 6’8"
300 lbs.
1 year limited

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