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Forearm Crutch Pads


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Product description

Provides added softness to forearm crutches to relieve irritation and discomfort. Slip-on crutch covers fit the Vive forearm crutches and similar models. Includes an additional forearm strap to provide greater security when in use. Customizable with removable padding, the hand grips relieve painful pressure and fatigue in the hands and wrists. Made with a soft cotton and foam padding for maximum comfort. Easy to clean, the crutch pads and hand grips are machine washable.


Do the forearm crutch pads include hand grips too?

Yes! The Vive forearm crutch pad set includes two crutch pads and two hand grips for a more comfortable crutch experience.

Are the forearm crutch pads easy to put on your crutches?

Yes, the crutch pads gently stretch to slide over the existing crutch cuffs.

Are the crutch pads latex-free?

Yes! The crutch pads are made with a soft cotton and latex-free foam.

Do the crutch pads relieve pressure points on your arms?

Yes, the crutch pads cushion the arm and relieve painful pressure and irritation.

Will the Vive forearm crutch pads fit my Ergobaum crutches?

Yes, the Vive forearm crutch pads are designed to fit the Vive forearm crutches and similar models.

Are the hand grip covers padded to relieve sore hands?

Yes! The hand grip covers are lightly padded and feature a non-slip lining to relieve sore hands and minimize the formation of hotspots.

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