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Product description

At 18” x 16”, the soft cushion will easily fit in a wheelchair, office chair, lawn chair, bleacher and car. With a gel core, premium foam layer, a waterproof seal and topped off with a luxuriously soft cover, the 3” thick cushion will relieve back and tailbone pain from sciatica and other conditions. The liquid gel core redistributes your weight away from high pressure areas like the tailbone and the coccyx where painful sores could develop. The premium foam layer will not flatten under your weight so that you will sit comfortably day after day. With the exclusive waterproof seal, water will never ruin your wheelchair cushion. The removable cover is completely washable, water resistant and extremely comfortable.


Is the strap for carrying or to secure the cushion to the chair?

The strap is designed for carrying and transporting purchases. There are no straps that secure cushion to chair

What are the dimensions of the strap?

The strap is 6” long.

What is the strap made of?

The strap is made from nylon.

Is the cushion machine washable?

The cushion itself is not machine washable, but the removable cover is. Be sure to wash with cold water and hang to cushion cover to dry.

How thick is the wheelchair cushion?

The cushion is a comfortable 3” thick.

What are the dimensions of the wheelchair cushion?

It is 18”x 16”x 3”.

How much does the wheelchair cushion weigh?

The cushion weighs 5.6 pounds.

Can the wheelchair cushion be taken on an airplane?

Yes, the cushion can be taken on an airplane and will fit most airplane seats.

Can this cushion be used in either direction?

Yes, you can place the cushion either way so that it fits in your preferred seat.

Is there gel inside the cushion?

Yes, there is a liquid gel core inside the cushion.

Will this wheelchair cushion fit on my wheelchair?

The cushion is designed to fit most wheelchairs. As long as the seat of your wheelchair is at least 18”x 16”, the cushion will fit.

How much does the wheelchair cushion compress?

The foam layer is designed to keep its shape and will not flatten under your weight.

Is there a weight limit to support the wheelchair cushion?

The wheelchair cushion can support up to 275lbs.

Will the wheelchair cushion flatten out a lumpy chair?

Yes, the firm and supportive cushion will make any chair comfortable.

What color is the wheelchair cushion?

The wheelchair cushion is black.

Will the wheelchair cushion sit my higher up in my chair?

Yes, the cushion is a generous 3” thick and does not compress so you will sit a little higher in any chair.

Will the wheelchair cushion alleviate pain from sitting too long in one place?

Yes, this cushion is designed to support and redistribute pressure, so it is perfect for anyone who sits for long hours.

Will the wheelchair cushion alleviate pain from sciatica?

Yes, this cushion is designed to distribute your weight away from areas like the coccyx and tailbone that cause sciatica pain.

Does the wheelchair cushion have a non-slip bottom?

No, the cushion does not have a non-slip bottom but should not slide in a wheelchair once weight is applied.

Is the wheelchair cushion heavy duty?

Yes, this cushion is designed for daily extended use.

Is the wheelchair cushion waterproof?

Yes, this cushion includes a waterproof seal that will keep moisture from penetrating the cushion. In addition, the washable cover is water resistant.

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