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Groin Brace


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Product description


Retaining therapeutic heat, the adjustable compression wrap soothes stiff and sore muscles for increased mobility


Perfect for athletes and active individuals, the neoprene brace will not slip, bunch or roll


Unisex support brace can be worn on the left or right side and over or under clothing as needed


Reduces aches and pains associated with a pulled groin, quad or hamstring, a hip flexor injury, hip bursitis, labral tear, sciatic nerve pain and SI joint pain


Held in place with a strong fastener system, the universal fit brace adjusts to waist sizes up to 48” and thigh sizes up to 28”


Lightweight and breathable, the latex-free neoprene blend stays cool and dry throughout the day


What conditions does the groin brace help?

The brace provides pain-relieving support for conditions such as a pulled groin, quad or hamstring, a hip flexor injury, hip bursitis, labral tear, sciatic nerve pain, SI joint pain and other injuries.

Will the groin wrap help me with the pain in my hip and sciatic pain?

Yes, it supports the hip flexor with compression therapy for pain relief while increasing blood circulation to promote healing.

Can you wash the brace?

Yes! The brace can be machine washed in cold water. Air dry before use.

Will the groin brace stabilize my hip rotation while weightlifting?

Yes, the groin wrap is perfect for active individuals, providing stabilizing support for a wide range of activities including weightlifting, biking, running and golfing.

Is the groin wrap too bulky to wear under your clothes?

No, the neoprene wrap is slim and supportive and can be easily worn under loose clothing.

Can I wear it while sleeping?

The brace is not recommended for sleeping.

Can I use this on either leg?

Yes! The brace is designed to support either leg.

Will this brace fit over my clothes?

Yes, the brace is adjustable allowing you to wear it under your clothing or over them as needed.

Can I wear it all day or only for exercise?

The brace is suitable for use during any daily activities.

Does the connection piece go in front of my leg when putting the brace on?

Yes, the connector piece should rest directly over your hip flexor for optimal support.

Is it flexible enough to wear while cycling?

Yes! The lightweight brace allows a full range of motion for superior support for active

What is the size range of the brace?

The groin brace adjusts to fit waist sizes from 25” to 48” and thigh sizes from 15” to 28”.

Is it suitable for swimming and other water activities?

It is not recommended for swimming or water-based activities.


- Supporting groin, hamstring or quad injury
- Reduce muscle stiffness and soreness


- Standard
-- Waist: 25" to 48”
-- Thigh: 15" to 28"
- Extended
-- Waist: 48" to 58"
-- Thigh: 15" to 28"


- Neoprene blend
- Strong fastener system


- Black


How To Wear:
- With the connector in line with your hip flexor, secure the waist strap, adjusting the compression to the level desired.
- Secure the thigh strap, adjusting the level of compression as needed.


Care Instructions:
- Machine wash in cold water
- Air dry


What’s Included:
- Universal groin brace
- 60 day guarantee

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