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Hand Massager


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Product description


    Effectively relieves pain and stiffness in the hands, fingers and wrists with therapeutic compression, massage, heat and vibration


    Each of the five massage modes can be adjusted for intensity for a personalized massage session


    Each 15-minute massage session allows you to add soothing heat and therapeutic vibration for maximum relief


    The hand massager includes a USB Type-C cable for quick and convenient recharging


    Great for a soothing massage at home, at the office and while traveling


    Includes a finger massager with a cold roller for easily targeting trigger finger, sprains and strains


Does the Vive hand massager massage the top and bottom of the hand?

Yes! The Vive hand massager envelops the entire hand for optimal relief.

How long does the hand massager battery last before needing to be charged?

The Vive hand massager provides up to three hours of use on the lowest settings or two hours of use on the highest settings.

Will this hand massager help stiffness in my fingers?

Yes, the Vive hand massager provides soothing compression, massage, heat and vibration to relieve stiffness and pain in the hands, fingers and wrists. The Vive hand massager also includes a small finger massager that provides targeted relief for stiff fingers.

How many massage modes does the Vive hand massager have?

The Vive hand massager features five massage modes including an automatic mode, wrists and palms together, wrists alone, palms alone and wrist and palms alternatively. Each mode can also be adjusted to one of five intensity levels for a personalized massage session.

Does the hand massager vibration mode include different speeds as well?

Yes, the Vive hand massager’s vibration mode includes two speeds.

Is the hand massager quiet?

Yes, the Vive hand massager is designed to quietly operate so you can carry on conversations, listen to music and more.

Can I use the hand massager machine with a massage lotion?

It is not recommended to use massage lotion with the Vive hand massager. The massager should only be used with clean, dry hands.

Does the Vive hand massager include a heat function?

Yes! The hand massager includes a heat function that can be turned on or off as needed.

Is the hand massager cordless?

Yes! The Vive hand massager is powered by a rechargeable battery for convenience in any location.

Will my wide hands fit the hand massager?

Yes, the Vive hand massager measures 5.51” wide to easily accommodate most hand sizes.

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