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Product description

Handy Cane is a walking aid that looks and functions like an ordinary cane, but has a built-in grabber to pick up hard-to-reach objects. The ergonomically designed trigger is easy and comfortable to operate, and the grabber has a strong grip for securely grabbing and holding objects as light as a paperclip or as heavy as a bottle. When not in use, the grabber is completely tucked away for a stylish and elegant cane that provides support and stability on the go. Baked-on, powder-coated, textured paint resists scratches, marring, and even fingerprints. Ideal for those with limited mobility due to age, physical disability, or recovery from a recent injury or surgery or those who simply need a reaching, grabber tool.


  • Small: Choose size Small if you are from 4'5" to 5'5" tall. Handy Cane Small measures 32.7" long from top of cane handle to bottom of cane tip.
  • Medium: Choose size Medium if you are from 5'5" to 6'1" tall. Handy Cane Medium measures 34.7" long from top of cane handle to bottom of cane tip.
  • Large: Choose size Large if you are over 6'1" tall. Handy Cane Large measures 37.7" long from top of cane handle to bottom of cane tip.
  • Award winning, patented all-in-one walking cane and built-in reaching grasper
  • Easily pick up hard to reach or dropped objects like keys, mobile phone or wallet
  • Easily reach and grab larger items like a can, bottle, jar or a book from a high or low shelf
  • Made with the highest quality materials for years of dependable service
  • Supports weight of up to 350 lbs. 
  • Can grasp items up to 5 lbs.


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