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Hard Night Splint


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Product description

Maintains a neutral foot position to gently stretch the plantar fascia to alleviate and reduce inflammation and heel pain. Features two adjustable tension straps and two padded foot wedges to optimize the stretch for pain relieving support. Wide, adjustable straps and strong fastening material for a comfortable, secure fit with convenient buckles to easily get in and out of the brace. Durable exterior shell provides additional support to ensure proper foot positioning throughout the night and protects foot and ankle following surgery or injury. Padded with a breathable foam and soft lining for exceptional comfort and to prevent skin irritation, abrasions and blisters. Suitable for both men and women, the hard night splint is designed for use on either the left or right foot.


Can I walk to the bathroom at night with this on?

Yes, it is suitable for walking short distances without removing.

Should my heel be lifted up as well?

To ensure a proper fit, tighten each strap to feel snug, not tight and insert the foot wedge under the forefoot only.

Do I get only one splint?

Yes, the splint is universally designed to wear on either the left or right foot as needed.

Will this increase the flexibility in my ankle?

Yes, as the foot is held in a neutral position it relieves pressure on the ligaments and tendons throughout the foot and ankle.

Where do I put the foam wedges?

The wedges should be inserted under the padded liner.

Is the splint latex-free?

Yes! The hard night splint is latex-free.

Will this provide more than 90 degrees of stretch?

Yes, the wedges can be used together to increase the amount of stretch provided.

Is this splint designed to be worn overnight?

Yes! The hard night splint is designed to be worn while sleeping throughout the night.

Is it washable?

Yes, the splint should be hand washed in lukewarm water with a mild detergent. Blot with an absorbent towel to remove moisture from the padded lining and allow to air dry completely before use.

How do I put the splint on?

With the splint resting on the floor, place the foot in the splint, ensuring heel fits snugly against the back of the brace. Insert the foot wedge under the padded liner if desired. Secure each strap by buckling the strap, then adjusting the fastener strap for a comfortable fit. Finally, adjust side tension straps to the desired tension. To remove, simply unbuckle each strap and slide foot out of the splint.

Do I need to adjust the straps every night?

The straps can be unbuckled to easily remove the splint without the need to adjust the straps each time it is worn.

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