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Product description

Contoured for optimal support, the cushion features an open center and a cutaway away for the tailbone. Evenly distributes body weight to relieve painful pressure points, hemorrhoids, pressure ulcers, prostatitis, pregnancy, childbirth, and lower back pain. Featuring a full-sized cover, the hemorrhoid cushion can be discreetly used on any chair at home or on the go. Constructed with a 2.76” thick, resilient memory foam for greater comfort and support. Machine washable, the removable cover is made with soft, breathable material. The zippered cushion cover includes a carry handle for easy portability.


How big is the opening in the center of the cushion?

The oval opening in the center of the cushion measures 8.5” by 5”.

Is the Vive Hemorrhoid cushion latex-free?

Yes! The Vive hemorrhoid seat cushion is latex-free.

Does the hemorrhoid seat cushion stay cool?

Yes, the Vive hemorrhoid cushion features a breathable cover to stay comfortably cool.

Will the hemorrhoid cushion fit on an airline seat?

Yes, the cushion measures 17.72” by 13.78” to fit on most airline seats.

Is the Vive hemorrhoid cushion made with gel or foam?

The Vive hemorrhoid cushion is made with resilient memory foam.

Does the Vive hemorrhoid cushion hold its shape?

Yes! The cushion is made with resilient memory foam with a high rebound rate to prevent it from flattening out, even with daily use.

How thick is the hemorrhoid seat cushion?

The Vive hemorrhoid seat cushion measures 2.76”.

Is the Vive cushion soft?

Yes, the hemorrhoid cushion is medium-soft for optimal support and comfort.

Does this hemorrhoid cushion have a divot for your tailbone too?

Yes, the Vive cushion features a cutaway section for relieving pressure on the tailbone in addition to the center cutout.

Can I wash the hemorrhoid cushion?

The Vive hemorrhoid cushion includes a removable fabric cover that is machine washable. The interior memory foam may be spot cleaned with a damp cloth as needed.

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