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Product description


    Easy to use, the Arctic Flex ice bags provide soothing coolness to relieve sore muscles, bruises, sprains and strains, fevers, headaches and swelling


    Ergonomic cap design is leakproof, easy to grasp for opening and closing


    Made with coated fabric, the reusable ice bags are easy to fill with standard or crushed ice and a small amount of water


    Securing the ice bag in place, the set includes a strong fastener strap with and an extender strap for the elbow, knee, ankle, shoulder and more


    Each set includes one 6” ice bag and one 9” ice bag


Do I fill the ice bag with ice or fill with water and then freeze it?

The Arctic Flex ice bags are designed to be filled with ice and a bit of cold water, leaving the bag flexible to contour to the targeted area.

Is the cap leak-proof if tipped on its side while in use?

Yes! The ergonomic cap is leakproof for use at any angle.

What are the Arctic Flex ice bags made of?

The Arctic Flex ice bags are made with a soft, yet durable fabric with a waterproof coating.

Are the Arctic Flex ice bags latex-free?

Yes! The ice bags are latex-free.

Can I put the ice bag directly on my skin?

Yes, the ice bags can be used on bare skin or over clothing or a soft towel if desired.

Do the ice bags come with a strap to hold them in place?

Yes! The Arctic Flex ice bags include a fastener strap and extender strap to secure the ice bag in place for hands-free use.

How long is the fastener strap?

The fastener strap is 15” long and includes a 24” extender strap for added length.

Are the ice bags leakproof?

Yes, the ice bags are leak-proof, however, ambient temperature and humidity may produce condensation on the outside of the bag.

Can I fill it with hot water as well?

No, the Arctic Flex ice bags are not designed for heat therapy. For a flexible heat therapy option, the Arctic Flex hot water bottle holds up to two quarts of hot water to relieve common aches and pains.

Can I use this on the back of my neck?

Yes! The ice bags are versatile for use on the neck, shoulder, arm, abdomen, lower back, knee and ankle.

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