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Product description


    Combining cold therapy with self-massage, the ice cups work to relieve pain, stiffness and inflammation in the muscles and joints


    Great for icing sore and stiff muscles following workouts, physical therapy and overexertion


    The reusable, two-piece design is made with a durable material easy to clean, fill and freeze


    Lightly textured, the ice cup base provides an easy grip for greater control


    Lined with six spikes, the interior of the handle securely holds the ice in place


    Each set includes two ice cup massagers with two ice cup bases


How tall is the ice cup massager?

The Arctic Flex ice cup massager is approximately 3” tall. The ice cup holder is 1.3” tall.

What is the ice cup massager made of?

The ice cup massager is made with latex-free polyethylene plastic.

Is the ice cup holder BPA-free?

Yes, the ice cup holder is made with polyethylene, which is latex and BPA-free.

Can I store the ice cup massager in the freezer?

Yes! The Arctic Flex ice cup massager is designed for safe freezer storage so that it is ready when you need it.

How do I use the ice cup?


The ice cup relieves pain, swelling, stiffness and inflammation in the muscles and joints. Remove the ice cup from the freezer and gently twist to expose the ice. Using a circular motion, massage the area for up to 20 minutes for optimal relief. It is recommended that an absorbent towel be placed under the area to be treated.

Why is the ice cup better than just using ice cubes?

The Arctic Flex ice cup features an ice holder with a textured exterior for an easy, comfortable grip. The ice holder base provides greater control for self-massage combined with the ice therapy.

Does this include two ice cups?

Yes! The Arctic Flex ice cup massagers include two ice cups and two ice holders for added convenience.

What is the diameter of the ice cup?

Each ice cup measures 2.83” in diameter. The ice cup holder measures slightly larger at 2.91” in diameter.

Can I use the ice cup to relieve soreness after physical therapy?

Yes, the ice cup is ideal for relieving muscle soreness following intense activity, overexertion and physical therapy.

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