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Inflatable Travel Pillow


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Product description

Great for traveling, office work or simply relaxing, the inflatable neck pillow comfortably supports the head, jawline and neck. Simply open the cap and push the large inflation button multiple times until the desired firmness is reached. Quickly deflate or adjust the firmness of the neck pillow by gently pressing on the dual valve gate for greater comfort. Machine washable, the soft fleece cover unzipped for easy removal. The fleece cover features a large exterior pocket for storing a phone or similar devices. Easy to slip into a handbag, a briefcase or even a pocket, the travel neck pillow also includes a small travel pouch.


Will this work for young teens as well as adults?

Yes, the travel neck pillow is adjustable to support a wide range of individuals, including teens and young adults.

How much does the neck pillow weigh?

The neck pillow is exceptionally lightweight at 7.2 ounces.

Is the cover removable?

Yes! The fleece cover is easily removable with a hidden zipper along the back.

Is the travel neck pillow washable?

The removable cover is machine washable in cold water with a mild detergent. Air dry the cover completely before use. The inner air chamber can be wiped down with a damp cloth and mild household cleaner as necessary. Dry immediately with a lint-free cloth.

How small is the neck pillow pouch?

The neck pillow folds down to easily fit in the thin, 6” by 6” pouch.

Is the pillow bulky behind the neck?

The neck pillow is adjustable by inflating or deflating for personalized comfort.

Does the push button inflation need batteries?

No, the neck pillow’s inflation system does not require batteries.

Can I wear the neck pillow and headphones at the same time?

Yes! The travel neck pillow will not interfere with headphone wires and even includes a pocket for cell phones, iPods and similar devices.

How long does it take to inflate the pillow?

The pillow takes about seventy pumps or approximately 30 seconds to fully inflate.

Is the neck pillow firm or soft?

The travel neck pillow is adjustable, being firm when fully inflated and soft when slightly deflated.

Can I bring the neck pillow on an airplane?

Yes! The travel neck pillow is perfect for traveling by air or car, storing away in a handbag, briefcase or carry on.

Will the pillow fit around a large neck?

Yes, the pillow is flexible to easily fit around most adult neck sizes.

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