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Product description

Tested for accuracy, the non contact thermometer uses advanced infrared technology to provide quick readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Non contact design eliminates the risk of cross-contamination. Ideal for quick temperature checks at home or on the go. Features an audible fever alert and a color-changing fever indicator on the bright, backlit display screen. Recalls the last 30 readings for easily tracking body temperatures. Includes the infrared thermometer and two AAA batteries.


Will the slim infrared thermometer measure to one-hundredth of a degree?

The Vive Precision infrared thermometer displays measurements to the tenth of a degree.

How long does the infrared thermometer take before it gives an actual result?

The infrared thermometer takes just a few seconds to capture an accurate temperature reading.

Is the thermometer mercury-free?

Yes, the Vive Precision infrared thermometer is mercury-free.

Does the thermometer display screen light up?

Yes! The infrared thermometer display screen is backlit in green when a normal temperature reading is captured. The screen is backlit in red when a fever is detected.

Why does the thermometer’s display screen change colors?

The backlit display screen provides at-a-glance fever indicators. The backlit screen is green when the body temperature falls in the normal range and red when a fever is detected.

Does the Vive Precision infrared thermometer beep when it is finished?

Yes, the touch-free infrared thermometer will produce one long beep when the temperature reading is complete. If a fever is detected, the thermometer will then produce three short beeps.

What type of battery does the thermometer need?

The Vive Precision non contact infrared thermometer requires two (2) AAA batteries.

Will the non contact thermometer automatically turn off after taking a temperature?

Yes! The Vive Precision thermometer is equipped with an energy-saving, auto-off feature.

How do I replace the thermometer batteries?

Replace the batteries when the low battery icon is displayed. Slide the battery cover down. Remove the two old batteries and replace with two new AAA batteries. Slide the battery cover back on.

Does it work to take temperatures under the arm?

No, the non contact infrared thermometer will not take temperature readings under the arm.

Will this thermometer store the last temperature reading?

Yes, the last temperature reading is briefly displayed when the thermometer is powered on. The infrared thermometer also stores the last 30 temperature readings for easy tracking.

How do I use memory mode?

Memory mode can be accessed by pressing the M2 button for three seconds while the thermometer is powered off. The letter M will flash on the screen. Use the M2 button to scroll through the last 30 temperature readings.

How do I clean the infrared thermometer?

The Vive Precision infrared thermometer should be wiped down with a cloth dampened with a disinfectant (e.g. 75% isopropyl alcohol solution) and dry immediately.

How should I store the slim infrared thermometer?

Store Vive Precision infrared thermometer in a dry location free from dust and direct sunlight.

What is included in my purchase?

Your purchase includes the Vive Precision infrared thermometer, two AAA batteries and an illustrated manual.

Can I use the infrared thermometer on anyone?

Yes! The Vive Precision infrared thermometer is suitable for ages six months and up.

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