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Product description


    Quickly activates to provide targeted cold therapy to relieve muscle pain, insect bites, sprains, bruising and injuries


    Lightweight cold packs are perfect for traveling, hiking, camping, boating and sporting events


    Use anywhere with no freezing or refrigeration required


    Simply squeeze, shake and apply to any area of the body including the head, neck, elbow, knee, calf or ankle


    Single-use cold packs provide up to 25 minutes for cooling relief

  • SET OF 24

    Includes 24 single-use instant cold packs for the first aid kit, car, backpack, diaper bag, carry on and more


Can I reuse the instant cold packs?

The Arctic Flex instant cold packs are one-time use only.

Are the instant cold packs safe for children?

Yes, however, the cold packs should only be used under adult supervision.

What are the instant ice packs filled with?

The Arctic Flex instant cold packs are filled with deionized water and calcium ammonium nitrate.

How do I activate the instant cold pack?

To activate the instant cold pack squeeze the pack together where indicated on the pouch and gently shake.

Do I need to keep the instant cold packs in the freezer?

No! The instant cold packs require no freezing or refrigeration, making them perfect for on the go use.

Are the cold packs safe for use while hiking?

Yes! The Arctic Flex instant cold packs are perfect for hiking, boating, camping and other outdoor activities.

How much does an instant cold pack weigh?

Each instant cold pack weights approximately 2.93 ounces.

Do the Arctic Flex instant ice packs expire?

Yes, the instant ice packs have a shelf life of approximately four years.

How long do the instant cold packs stay cold?

The instant cold packs provide up to 25 minutes of soothing coolness.

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