Invacare HomeFill II


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Product description

The Invacare HomeFill Oxygen System provides an unlimited, refillable ambulatory oxygen supply for patients to provide greater mobility and increased independence than traditional oxygen modalities.

  • Provides an unlimited, refillable oxygen supply
  • Ensures oxygen purity is always greater than 90%
  • Breathe from continuous flow oxygen concentrator at night
  • Connections and controls are designed to be easy to use
  • Patient can still breathes from continuous flow oxygen concentrator while filling oxygen tank cylinders
  • Virtually eliminates the high service costs of frequent delivery of cylinders or liquid oxygen
  • Gives ambulatory patients greater freedom and independence
  • Portable oxygen tanks use the latest in integrated oxygen conserving technology with a built-in oxygen conserving device (sold separately)
  • Oxygen compressor quickly fills portable oxygen tanks when connected to Invacare PerfectO2 or Platinum oxygen concentrators
  • ML4 Cylinder filling time (avg.) is 55 min.
  • ML6/M6 Cylinder filling time (avg.) is 75 min.
  • M9 Cylinder filling time (avg.) is 125 min.
  • Fill cylinders while patient continues to receive oxygen from concentrator
  • For use with either Invacare Platinum 10 or PerfectO2 Oxygen Concentrator
  • Invacare oxygen concentrator and portable oxygen cylinders sold separately

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