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Product description


    Great for tennis, basketball and other athletic events, the ITB strap stabilizes the iliotibial band to reduce knee strain and painful friction


    An integrated gel compression pad dampens the vibration of every movement to relieve pain and pressure on the knee


    Aids in the recovery of stiff, sore muscles by retaining therapeutic heat to increase circulation


    Suitable for both men and women, the strap is adjustable to fit leg circumferences up to 21.85”


    Breathable and lightweight, the low-profile neoprene strap features a moisture-wicking textured surface for a secure, yet comfortable fit that will not slide, bunch or roll


    ITB strap can also be worn below the knee to relieve patellar tendonitis, osgood schlatters and runners knee


What activities is this band suitable for?

The ITB strap is suitable for all daily activities and athletic events including walking, running, hiking, basketball, tennis, volleyball, soccer and more.

Will this fit the skinny legs of a child?

The adjustable ITB strap securely fits leg circumferences ranging between 14” to 22.85”.

Is it a single strap?

Yes, it is sold as a single strap for use on either the left or the right leg as needed.

How big of a knee will the strap go around?

The ITB strap should be placed two inches above the knee and adjusts to fit leg circumferences up to 22.85”

Should I wear it only when active or all the time?

Yes, the strap will support the knee during any activity such as general exercise, running or athletics and can also be worn throughout the day for additional support.

Does this have a compression insert?

Yes! A soft gel compression pad is integrated into the strap for added stability and support.

How can I wash it?

The ITB strap is machine washable in cold water with a mild detergent. Air dry completely before use.

Where should I wear the strap?

For iliotibial band support, the strap should be worn two to three inches above the knee, with the compression pad centered on the outside of the leg. For patellar tendonitis, osgood schlatters and runners knee, the strap should be worn two to three inches below the knee.

Can I wear this over my tights?

Yes! The ITB strap can be worn over tights or other form-fitting clothing. The low-profile strap can also be worn under most regular clothing.

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