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Product description


    Ideal for surgery and injury recovery, the single leg elevation pillow elevates, immobilizes and supports the knee, calf and ankle


    Promoting healing, the knee support wedge relieves swelling, discomfort and fatigue in the knee, leg and foot


    Designed to accommodate bandages and casts, a wide, contoured channel immobilizes the leg to promote healing


    Constructed with a latex-free, high-density foam is resilient, holding its shape for long-term use


    Supports proper positioning of the knee, calf and ankle with 35 degrees of incline and 6.5” of elevation


    Made with a soft, breathable blend, the polyester knit cover is machine washable and features a textured nonslip base for added stability


Will the Xtra-Comfort knee elevation pillow work to elevate my leg following my hip replacement surgery?

Yes! The single leg elevation pillow is ideal for comfortably elevating the leg following hip replacement surgery.

Does the knee elevation cushion hold my knee in place?

Yes! The elevation cushion features a wide channel that stabilizes the knee, calf and ankle, minimizing movement to promote healing.

How high does the elevation pillow raise the leg up?

The Xtra-Comfort single leg elevation pillow raises the knee, calf and ankle approximately 6.5”.

Can I use the knee elevation cushion if my leg is in a cast?

Yes! The Xtra-Comfort elevation cushion features a wide leg channel that easily accommodates bandages and casts.

How long do I need to air out the knee wedge support?

The Xtra-Comfort knee elevator pillow will take 2-3 hours to regain its shape after unboxing.

Is the leg elevation pillow washable?

The single leg elevation pillow includes a removable fabric cover that is machine washable. The foam cushion, however, should only be spotted cleaned with a damp cloth as needed.

Does this pillow fit any leg length?

Yes, the cushion measures 32” in length for comfortable use with any leg length.

Will the knee elevation pillow be comfortable enough following ankle surgery?

Yes! Cushioning the leg with high-density foam, the knee elevation pillow is ideal for raising the knee, calf and ankle following surgery or injury.

What are the dimensions of the single leg pillow?

The Xtra-Comfort single leg pillow measures 13” by 32” and 9.5” in height. The leg channel measures 7” wide and 3” deep.

What is the elevation pillow made of?

The single leg pillow is made with high-density foam. The removable cover is made with knitted polyester fabric with silicone dots to create a non-slip base.

Will the foam cushion flatten out?

No, the Xtra-Comfort leg elevation cushion is made with resilient, high-density foam that will not flatten out with consistent use.

Can the elevator pillow be used when seated in a recliner?

Yes, the knee elevation pillow can be used when seated on a recliner, sofa and in bed.

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