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Knee Pillow


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Product description

Realigns hips and spine for improved circulation while sleeping. Support proper spinal alignment to relieve sciatica and reduce back, hip and knee pain. Curved hourglass design opens hips for proper alignment for post-surgery support, expectant mothers, those with restless leg syndrome or back pain + more. Hypoallergenic, high-density foam retains its shape for exceptional support night after night. Removable cover is breathable and machine washable for easy cleaning. Lightweight and easily portable for use at home or while traveling.


Does this also support your hips while sleeping?

Yes! The knee pillow opens the hips, aligning them in the proper position to relieve pain and pressure.

What is the pillow cover made of?

The removable cover is made with a soft, breathable polyester material.

Is the cover breathable to keep cool in the night?

Yes, the cover is breathable to stay comfortable throughout the night.

Is the pillow latex-free?

Yes! The knee pillow is latex-free.

Will this keep my hips from rolling forward?

Yes! The knee cushion maintains alignment in the hips to relieve pain and pressure.

Does it stay in place all night?

Yes! The knee cushioned hourglass design holds the pillow in place all night long.

Is the zipper hidden so it won’t poke you in the night?

Yes! The zipper is tucked away so it will not come in contact with your skin.

How do I wash it?

The removable cover is machine washable in cold water with a mild detergent. Tumble dry on a low heat setting before replacing on the cushion. The foam cushion should be spot cleaned as necessary.

Will the cushion be comfortable for a pregnant woman?

Yes! The cushion will provide comfortable support throughout the pregnancy.

Can I use it while I travel?

Yes, the knee cushion is lightweight and easily portable.

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