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Lacrosse Ball Set


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Product description


    Provides concentrated massage to relieve muscle tension and soreness


    Great for pre or post workouts to increase flexibility and enhance range of motion


    Increases circulation to promote efficient muscle recovery while reducing inflammation, stiffness and pain


    Perfect choice for self-myofascial release, trigger point therapy, corrective therapy and deep tissue massage


    Double lacrosse massage balls protect the spine while producing effective pressure on targeted muscle groups


    Firm silicone lacrosse balls are resistant to tearing, splitting or cracking


Is the double lacrosse ball as hard as an actual lacrosse ball?

Yes, the Vive lacrosse massage ball is firm and dense, comparable to a standard lacrosse ball.

What are the dimensions of the peanut massage ball?

The unit is 5” x 2.5”, with each ball being 2.5” in diameter.

Are the lacrosse massage balls good for cooling down after my workout?

Yes! The lacrosse massage balls are great for post activities reducing inflammation and stiffness from overuse.

When is the best time to use my double massage ball?

The massage ball is great for use during pre workouts to increase flexibility and range of motion, reducing the risk on injury, as well as post workout to reduce inflammation and stiffness from overuse.

What are they made of?

The lacrosse balls are made of a dense silicone rubber that is BPA, phthalate, PVC and latex free.

Will this work for pain at the base of my skull and between my shoulder blades?

Yes! The double massage balls are useful for targeting the thoracic spine, which includes the area between the shoulder blades.

Being a petite woman, will the Vive double lacrosse massage ball be too wide for a small framed person?

No, the length of the double massage ball is 5” and works for most individuals.

Are the massage balls attached together?

Yes, they are attached as a single unit.

Will this help my neck pain?

Yes, the double lacrosse ball can be used to relieve muscle soreness and tension in the neck, safely protecting the spine with the ergonomic design.

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