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Leg Rest Pillow

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Product description

Elevate the feet, knees and legs to relieve discomfort and pressure. Positions the legs to relieve discomfort due to swollen, tired feet. Provides 45 degrees of elevation for optimal support. Comfortably wide wedge to support both legs. Dual foam core is comprised of a high-density interior base with a gel-infused memory foam layer for comfortable support. Made with a soft, breathable blend, the knit cover is machine washable and features a textured non-slip base for added stability


Will the leg rest pillow be comfortable for shorter people?

Yes! The leg rest pillow is sized to comfortably fit adults of all heights.

What are the dimensions of the leg elevation pillows?

The leg rest pillow measures 16.5” wide, 23” depth, 8.25” at the highest point. The incline is 45 degrees and measures 12”.

What degree of leg tilt does this provide?

The leg elevation pillow provides 45 degrees of incline.

Can I use this while sleeping?

Yes, the leg rest pillow can be used while sleeping for comfortable leg support.

Will this leg pillow get hot?

The foam leg rest pillow is breathable and features a breathable knit cover to remain cool and dry.

Does this include a pillow cover?

Yes! The leg elevation pillow includes a zippered knit cover that is machine washable.

How tall is the leg rest?

The leg rest pillow is 8.25” in height.

Is this pillow wide enough for both legs?

Yes! The leg rest pillow is 16.5” to comfortably support both legs.

What is the length of the sloped part of the leg pillow?

The incline section of the leg rest pillow 12” in length.

Is the pillow made with memory foam?

Yes! The top layer is constructed with a gel-infused memory foam.

Can I use this to relieve scoliosis pain?

The leg rest pillow supports and elevates the legs, which may relieve discomfort and pressure in the hips and lower back.

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