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Product description

Designed to increase circulation, support and stabilize calf and knee, and promote natural healing + quicker recovery. Gentle compression relieves sore, stiff muscles and reduces pain, swelling and inflammation due to runner’s knee, jumper’s knee, arthritis or tendonitis. Snag-free barrier protects against chafing, blisters and abrasions while allowing a full range of motion for running, hiking, walking or sports. Each sleeve contains a nonslip, non-irritating silicone band to ensure the sleeve will not slide down or bunch up for a secure fit. Lightweight, the moisture-wicking blend is temperature-regulating, allowing heat to escape when you are warm and retaining heat when you are not. Premium blend is snag-resistant and machine washable for added convenience.


How long are the knee sleeves?

The small knee sleeves are 15.75” in length. Both the medium and large sleeves are 17” in length.

How much compression is provided?

The compression knee sleeves offer light compression of 15 to 20 mmHg.

Is this a pair?

Yes! The compression knee sleeves are packaged as a pair.

What is the material made of?

The sleeves are made with a breathable, nylon/spandex blend with a silicone band to reduce slipping and bunching.

Are they smooth?

Yes! The sleeves are smooth and will not snag on clothing worn on top of them.

Do the knee sleeves also support your calf?

Yes! The sleeves provide stabilizing support for the knee and calf.

Can I wear these sleeves while running?

Yes! The compression sleeves provide excellent support for running, basketball, weightlifting and more.

Should I wear this under my running pants?

Yes, the sleeves are very slim, easily fitting under athletic wear.

Will these stay dry if I am out in hot, humid weather?

Yes, the breathable blend is moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating to stay dry in any environment.

Can I wear these sleeves for support when standing for long periods of time?

Yes! The compression sleeves will increase circulation in the legs to relieve soreness and swelling.

How do I wash them?

The sleeves are machine washable with cold water and a mild, non-bleach detergent. Air dry completely before use.

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