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Magnetic Shoe Closures


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Product description

Quickly snapping together, the magnetic shoe closures eliminate sloppy bows, frustrating knots and floppy, untied shoelaces. Simple to install by threading through existing laces and securing with the included lace anchor clips. Low-profile magnetic clasps work with any tie shoe, including athletic, casual and dress shoes. Durably designed with strong N52 magnets to ensure a secure fit while walking, jogging and daily activities. Oval shaped, the shoe closures feature a sleek, minimalist appearance available in one of seven solid colors. Includes two complete sets of magnetic closures and anchor clips for use on multiple pairs of shoes.


Do I use these with the laces that came with my shoes?

Yes! The magnetic shoe closures are threaded onto the shoe with the existing laces. Excess shoelace lengths can be trimmed or secured to the shoe with the includes shoelace clips.

How many no-tie magnetic shoe closures does it include?

Each package includes two sets of magnetic shoe closures and eight shoelace clips.

What do I do with the extra shoelace length after threading it through the magnetic?

What do I do with the extra shoelace length after threading it through the magnetic? After following the steps to ensure a correct fit, the excess shoelace length may be cut off or tuck forward toward your toes.

Will they stay fastened if I am jogging?

Yes! The Vive magnetic shoe closures are strong, securely holding throughout daily activities and moderate athletic activity such as jogging.

Will the magnetic shoe fasteners fit any shoe size?

Yes! The Vive magnetic shoe closures are designed to work with any adult size shoe.

Would the magnetic shoe closures work well for nurses?

Yes! The shoe closures are great for nurses, securely holding tie shoes in place throughout the day.

Do the magnets make your shoes feel stiff?

No, the magnetic closures are gently curved to rest naturally along the top of the shoe.

Will these work with dress shoes?

Yes! The Vive magnetic shoe closures are suitable for any tie shoe, including dress, casual, athletic shoes as well as some boot styles.

Do the magnets easily separate for taking your shoes off?

Yes! To easily take your shoes off, push forward while lifting your heel out of the shoe to separate the magnets.

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