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Memory Foam Knee Walker Pad


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Product description

Exceptional cushioning evenly distributes pressure and minimizes fatigue in hip, knee and leg. Protects against irritation from friction caused by normal movement. Padding retains its shape over extensive use for all day support. Keeps skin comfortable and dry. Protective non-slip cover keeps the knee pad intact. Elastic straps and a lockable drawstring attach easily for a secure fit.


What size scooter will the memory foam knee walker pad cover fit?

The universal knee walker cover will fit most knee scooters with dimensions of 14” x 7” or less.

Can I sit on the knee walker pad cover?

Although not designed as a seat, the cover can act as a seat if taking a short break or if in an emergency situation.

What are the dimensions of the memory foam knee walker cover?

The memory foam cover is 14” x 7” x 4”.

My cast cuts into my shin, so will the knee walker cover help stop that?

Yes, the memory foam will cushion your knee and more evenly distribute the pressure to reduce irritation.

How should I wash the knee walker cover?

Just wipe the cover with a damp cloth and air day.

What is the cover on the memory foam walker cover made of?

The cover is constructed from a polyester and nylon fabric blend.

Is the cover soft enough to protect my skin?

Yes, the cover material is very soft and smooth and won’t irritate your skin.

Why is memory foam important?

The memory foam in the knee walker cover will retain its shape for maximum cushioning even after extensive use.

How is the memory foam knee walker cover secured?

There are two elastic scraps and a lockable drawstring that fit over the knee walker pad.

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