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Metatarsal Pads


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Product description

Resilient gel cushions the ball of the foot providing gentle support for all-day comfort. Minimizing pain from common foot problems, the cushioning gel eliminates painful pressure point and relieves pain due to calluses, metatarsalgia, blisters and more. Lightly textured surface prevents socks, hosiery and feet from slipping or sliding. Nonslip metatarsal pads easily fit in any shoe style including sandals, high heels, athletic shoes, casual shoes and boots. Easy move gel pads from shoe to shoe with the self-adhesive gel that sticks to your shoe or your foot for perfect placement every time. Latex-free gel is antimicrobial to eliminate odors and is easily cleaned for a fresh, comfortable feel.


How thick are the gel pads?

Each gel pad is approximately 1/8 “ thick.

Will these pads work with any shoe size?

Yes! The pads cushion the forefoot only, easily fitting in shoes of any size and width.

Would these pads be good for hiking?

Yes, the gel pads evenly distribute the impact of each step, relieving painful pressure points on the forefoot.

Do they come as a pair?

Yes, the gel metatarsal pads are packaged as a pair.

Will they stay sticky if I move them to different shoes?

Yes! The gel pads are designed to be reusable. To refresh the self-adhesive simply hand wash the gel pads in warm water with a mild detergent and allow to air dry completely.

Do I attach the pads to my feet or to my shoes?

The gel pads can be positioned either way.

Can I wear them in high heels?

Yes! The gel pads are perfect for cushioning the forefoot in high heeled shoes and sandals.

Can I wear them with socks?

Yes, the gel pads may be worn with socks and hosiery.

What are the gel cushions made of?

The metatarsal gel pads are made with a medical-grade silicone gel.

Are they latex-free?

Yes! The premium silicone gel is latex-free.

Will these fit under my heel too?

The gel pads are designed to cushion and support the forefoot. For relieving heel pain, the gel heel cups are designed to cradle and cushion the heel region of the foot.

How should I wash them?

The gel metatarsal pads should be hand washed in warm water with a mild detergent. Allow to air dry completely before use.

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